Bozek Lab

Data Science of Bioimages

We are interested in resolving large data challenges in biology and medicine. With the use of deep learning we develop new data-driven approaches to study image and video data in biology. Our theoretical interests lie in using machine learning to find appropriate data representations for resolving specific scientific questions. Our major applications include cancer and ageing research. 

Selected Publications

  • K Bozek, L Hebert Y Portugal, AS Mikheyev, GJ Stephens | Markerless tracking of entire insect colony | Nat commun 2021
  • K Bozek, L Hebert, AS Mikheyev, GJ Stephens | Towards dense object tracking in a 2D honeybee hive. | Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2018
  • K Bozek, Y Wei, Z Yan, X Liu, J Xiong, M Sugimoto, M Tomita, S Pääbo, CC Sherwood, PR Hof, JJ Ely, Y Li, D Steinhauser, L Willmitzer, P Giavalisco, P Khaitovich | Organization and evolution of brain lipidome revealed by large-scale analysis of human, chimpanzee, macaque and mouse tissues.| Neuron 2015 
  • K Bozek, Y Wei, Z Yan, X Liu, J Xiong, M Sugimoto, M Tomita, S Pääbo, R Pieszek, CC Sherwood, PR Hof, JJ Ely, D Steinhauser, L Willmitzer, J Bangsbo, O Hansson, J Call, P Giavalisco, P Khaitovich | Exceptional evolutionary divergence of human muscle and brain metabolomes parallels human cognitive and physical uniqueness. | PLoS Biol 2014
  • K Bozek, M Eckhardt, S Sierra, M Anders, R Kaiser, HG Kräusslich, B Müller, T Lengauer | An expanded model of HIV cell entry phenotype based on multi-parameter single-cell data. | Retrovirology. 2012