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We are always looking for talented PhD candidates and postdocs. We also offer interesting Masters projects. Do get in touch if you are interested or if you have any questions.

Official applications should include CV, cover letter, and contact to 2 references.


Postdoctoral scholar in multiplexed imaging of cancer tissue

In a collaborative project between the “Data science of bioimages” lab of Prof. Katarzyna Bozek at the University of Cologne and the “Cancer research and spatial biology” of Dr. Stefan Florian at the Charité University Hospital Berlin we are performing high-resolution and multidimensional imaging of cancer tissues in combination with deep learning-based image analysis. All imaging as well as image segmentation pipelines and protocols have been established in our labs. We are currently looking for a postdoctoral scholar to join this project and to take up a leading role in data generation and analysis on a large scale. The project offers unmatched opportunity to learn and apply state of the art imaging and image analysis techniques on a unique set of patient samples and work in a truly interdisciplinary environment composed of medical, experimental, and computational experts.


  • degree in biology or other life sciences
  • experience with programming Python and/or microscopy image analysis and fluorescence microscopy,
  • great communication skills, capacity of working in a team and in an interdisciplinary environment.


  • tissue microarray assembly, multiplexed immunofluorescence staining, high-throughput spinning disk confocal imaging
  • application of computational methods,
  • quantitative data analysis,
  • data visualization and communication,
  • work in close collaboration with both physicians, biologists and computational scientists and facilitate interdisciplinary communication.

We offer:

  • opportunity to apply and develop cutting-edge imaging and computational technologies to resolve timely medical questions,
  • collaborative, international, and multi-disciplinary working environment where colloquial and working language is English,
  • development and networking through participation in workshop and conferences in cancer biology, medicine.

Research Environment:

Both research groups are located in some of the largest medical campuses in Germany hosting cutting edge medical and translational science. The position offers a unique environment combining medical, experimental, and computational researchers.


Your salary will be based on TV-L / TV-Ä.


Applications from female candidates are welcome; suitably qualified women will be given preferential consideration unless other applicants clearly demonstrate superior qualifications.


We also welcome applications from candidates with disabilities, who will also be given preferential consideration over other applicants with comparable qualifications.


For further inquiries please visit and or contact Katarzyna Bozek and Stefan Florian

Applications should include CV, cover letter, and contact to 2 references.