Our lab received first funding


Our group received funding as a part of the e:Med Junior Research Consortia program of the BMBF. Together with two partners we will perform a systems level study of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)
Charité University Medicine Berlin
Dr. med. PhD Stefan Florian
Dr. Adrian Granada

Partenered with Dr. med. PhD Stefan Florian from the Institute of Pathology Charité University Hospital in Berlin and Dr. Adrian Granada from the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center we will perform a systems medicine study of currently untreatable and very differentiated breast cancer type. Our collaborators are experts in pathology, live tissue imaging, and dynamic modeling. In this project we are also collaborating with  the German Breast Group to analyze patient tissue samples collected and curated in their largest in Germany breast cancer tissue bank. To know more about this read out research section.